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Client #2

Client #2

Welcome to Rumi's Garden!

Rumi's Garden is an online store specialising in contemporary and reclaimed vintage heritage crafts, sacred art and Islamic relics sourced from the Muslim world.

We sell authentic and certified kiswahs from the Holy Ka'aba in Makkah as well as from the Holy Chamber of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Masjid al-Nabawi. We also offer qandeels - which are the golden embroidered calligraphy on the Ka'aba - and replicas of the Footprint of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ, carpets that were used in the Haramein, high grade pure bakhoor, incense burners, tasbihs, marquetry boxes, old manuscripts, henna, posters and much more!

Our collections come from regions ranging from Muslim China, to the mountains of Iran and Afghanistan to the ancient cities of Damascus and Cairo, into the Spanish mountain range of the Sierra Nevada in Andalusia. Until recently, many of these rare treasures have been hidden away from the public eye. We intend to make them more readily available at affordable prices. We are sincerely committed to the ethical sourcing of all crafts we sell.

We now offer payments in installments at 0% interest. Use the 'Put It On Lay Buy' option during checkout. Please read the contract carefully here.

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