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Client #4

Client #4

friendly, humorous and informative team that get a kick from seeing successful campaigns

We believe in creativity being an art form that requires its own space away from the troubles of the world. Creativity is an escape for our team who often merge their free thinking and create a flow of colourful, imaginative, quirky ideas that can only be achieved by from a free form and unrestricted thinking. It really is an art itself but the creativity can only become a physical manifestation if a balanced method of thinking is applied by setting an end goal. If not, it was just another idea.

Hassan Mushaid


Informative and friendly is how most people would describe Hassan.

I have worked in almost every role within the dental business, including as a Dental Nurse, Practice Manager, Treatment Coordinator and Business Development Manager, managing various practices across the UK. Having worked with businesses of various sizes and visions, I have developed a flexibility which can only come from such versatile experienced work. Every role I’ve approached required a different type of energy and strategy.

Having an avid interest in marketing and the psychology behind it, I invested a lot of time in learning how to improve the patient experience. Influencing patients to make the best choices and increasing brand awareness for the dental practice, a part of the part of the vast knowledge I have gained in this journey.

My PR, articles, and social media activities have got me onto the Influential List for 3 consecutive years. My clinical knowledge combined with my marketing/sales knowledge is what gives me and my team that extra edge that is often absent in other sales and dental marketing agencies.

We try to learn as much as possible about the chosen target audience to help understand how they think and behave and create custom campaigns that are very specific.

I am aware I will never stop learning! In my spare time he enjoy’s learning from my business and marketing mentors and I also enjoy learning the successful systems of other industries. I believe the keys to success are in the habitual actions and that these are universal and can be applied or transferred to anyone, anywhere, to achieve similar results. The same can be applied to business models from other industries. All it takes is a little courage and willingness to change your thinking.

I am a proud dad to 2 little boys, Sulaiman and Isaac, husband to a lovely wife Nichola and the eldest brother to my siblings.

I have my very own personal blog where I share in-depth knowledge on management and entrepreneurship. Visit to learn more about me.

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